The International Conference PlantTech 2021 will take place on 13-16 September 2021 in Belvaux (Luxembourg)

Please find below the topics & focuses.

  • Synthetic biology and genome editing in plants:

This session will bring together experts in the field of plant metabolic engineering, for example, for the production of specific added-value compounds, as well as in the use of chassis organisms as heterologous factories.

  • Plant cell, tissue, organ culture and cryopreservation:

This topic will focus on techniques for the establishment of plant cell culture, in vitro propagation and cryopreservation. Methods involving the design of experiments, as well as approaches using polyploidization and mutagenesis for the improvement of specific features will also be covered.

  • Bioprocess engineering for added value compound production:

In this session of the conference, experts in plant bioprocesses will present their latest results. Aspects related to the cultivation of undifferentiated plant cells (both in flasks and bioreactors), or organs (hairy roots, shoot cultures), elicitation and scale-up to meet industrial needs will be covered.

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